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Office Ergonomics Consulting Services for small to medium size offices (including regular office environments, libraries, schools, hospitals) as well as for satellite and home offices.

Creating rooms for productivity, creativity and good health using ergonomics evaluation and design principles.

Birgitta Savoie, BA, BSc, MBA - Consultant

Ergonomics is the scientific discipline concerned with interactions between humans and other elements of a system including tools, equipment, products, tasks, organization, technology and environment with the goal to optimize human well-being and overall systems performance.

The application of ergonomic principles will not only minimize fatigue and discomfort which are some major causes of negative outcomes such as human error/poor quality work and decreased productivity but will also reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders or repetitive strain injuries, lowering the human as well organizational cost associated with such problems.

Fitting Solutions Ergonomics will come to work places/home offices in the Greater Toronto Area to deliver services on-site.


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